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''The Beach is my latest challenge, an exciting new chapter to write together with my staff, with all the conditions for a great success.''

Manuel Dallori

I have always been strongly motivated to improve myself, striving to look beyond professional scenarios and anticipate new trends. My latest challenge is to create the ideal environment to meet unprecedented and sought-after needs that have not yet found satisfactory answers.

So, I have decided to build it: As a result, THE BEACH project was born.

For 25 years, I have worked in the luxury and entertainment sectors, gaining significant experience with brands such as Valentino and Gianni Versace, occupying various strategic roles and having the opportunity to grow professionally while gaining in-depth knowledge of every detail within these industries. I have had the opportunity to work with and meet celebrities, and from firsthand experience, I can attest to how challenging it is to attain and maintain long-term successe. This long journey has led me to create, launch, and collaborate on important Italian and international projects, as Luminal, The Season, Zelo's and Zelo's Beach, Beach Club, and The Cliff. These concepts and reference models in the sector are unique for their standards and management, and have been selected by "The World's Finest Clubs" among the most exclusive locations in the world.

I founded and currently manage  two business and marketing consulting companies that specialize in entertainment and catering. One is in London and the other in Budapest. Recently, I started a new project in Egypt that combines all of my experiences and skills to meet the challenges of the industry I love and achieve new professional goals.

Manuel Dallori

Founder "The Beach" Project 

The Brand

The Beach is a beach club concept with entertainment, suitable for anyone looking for exclusivity and fun in a relaxing and chic environment where they can enjoy the sea and the beach and "celebrate life" every day.

High-quality dining, presented in a unique and fascinating setting, refined cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean, will give ample space to the best dishes of Italian tradition, fresh seafood specialties, but also international cuisine dishes such as sushi and Thai.

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